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Changing the conversation around innovation

Here at Source Advisors, we make the challenging achievable, reward the risk takers, and only focus on commercial outcomes. Through our deep understanding of fiscal incentives, the policy landscape, and our technical capability, we create value for our clients by recognising their R&D and maximising the value of their Intellectual Property.

Source Advisors today

Source Advisors is deeply rooted in quality, relationships, and creating the very best working culture for our people. We are a specialised tax consulting firm providing R&D tax relief and other incentive solutions for 40 years in the US and 20 years here in the UK. Source Advisors has a global team of over 250 professionals to serve our clients and our accounting partners.

We continue to provide unique expertise, tailored solutions, and stellar client service.

Source Advisors in summary

Innovation is our core business and you can be confident of our track record.

We help our businesses commercialise their innovation, directly and through our partnerships with accountants, and that has always been our sole focus.

We will team you up with the right expert.

We have access to a full range of industry experts across the country with different experience, skillsets, and technical knowledge. Whether a business is big or small, complex or simple, single or multi-site – we will find a Technical Consultant who has the right mix of skills.

Our experts are business people first.

Your Source Advisors team will speak your language and will leverage their real-world experience, so they will waste no time in getting to grips with the work you do. 

Standing up for innovative business in the UK.

We have a seat at the table when government and business discuss the best way to reward innovation in the UK. We aim to influence policy by representing the accountancy profession and the innovative businesses we work with.
At Source Advisors we believe that innovation is the driving force behind the UK's economic growth.

Our vision

At Source Advisors, we believe that innovation needs to be the driving force behind the UK’s economic growth. The global landscape now evolves at a rapid rate and the value of intangible assets can drive business success. This is at the heart of R&D and Intellectual Property.

Our mission

We will stand side by side with our accountant partners and clients, to navigate the financially complex. Our mission is to empower UK businesses to realise their innovation potential through commercially focused consultancy.

Our holistic understanding of the R&D ecosystem transcends our service lines and is critical to meeting the needs of our partners and clients. We work together to maximise the impact of fiscal incentives that drive innovation and economic prosperity.

Source Advisors’ deep understanding of the R&D ecosystem transcends our service lines.
Source Advisors helps our clients commercialise their innovation and that has always been our focus.

Our history of standing up for innovative businesses

R&D tax relief was introduced by the Government in 2000 to encourage UK innovation and our business was created as a direct response. Realising that many of our clients weren’t benefitting fully from R&D tax relief and R&D capital allowances, our founders saw the need for straightforward, specialist advice to help businesses make the most of this opportunity.

In 2013, when Patent Box was launched, we responded with a new service to support our clients as they actively identified, valued, managed, and exploited their Intellectual Property.

We evolved and grew three successful businesses by responding to new opportunities in legislation. In 2017 they were brought together under the name GovGrant to offer our clients a holistic view of the incentives and tax relief that promote innovation. Today, as Source Advisors, we continue that legacy of helping business commercialise their innovation.

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