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Source Advisors works alongside accountants to complement their skills, working together to offer our clients the best R&D and IP advice available. We are the partner of choice for many leading accounting firms and count FTSE 250 companies among our clients. Whatever industry or sector, Source Advisors can identify eligible innovations that qualify for both R&D and Patent Box tax relief. Source Advisors is always on top of the latest changes in legislation. You can rely on our expertise, leaving you to focus on your main business.


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What makes Source Advisors different?

We match you with a Technical Consultant who has the right mix of industry and commercial expertise to best suit your business. Irrespective of size and complexity, we will find the right Technical Consultant who can add the most value to you.

We know from experience that every business is unique, and we will tailor our approach accordingly. This will minimise the disruption to your normal business process and achieve optimum outcomes for you or your clients.
We will considerably reduce the demand on your staff by working efficiently with your teams.

We have a compliance-led approach which will ensure a robust claim is put together minimising any risk of HMRC enquiry.

Source Advisor brings a commercial perspective to everything we do

We are not accountants, but we work side by side with accountants to assess R&D and innovation activities by asking the right questions to truly optimise any fiscal innovation incentives.

We work with a number of FTSE 250 businesses with complex needs and structures. We are not limited by billable hours, so we put in the hard yards at our own risk to optimise business benefit. We also have access to over 250 specialists globally.

As one of the longest-established innovation tax specialists in the UK, we have a wide presence nationally with industry experts such as engineers, scientists, and IT specialists alongside qualified tax professionals who understand your business and can develop a robust R&D or Patent Box claim on your behalf.

Through our IP consultancy services, we bring together commercial, financial, and technical expertise to craft an IP strategy that aligns with your business goals. Our one and only business focus is to offer our clients the maximum potential benefit from the innovation incentives available to help them grow and expand.

We are business people first

Here at Source Advisors, we don’t just look at your accounts – that will only tell us part of the story. Source Advisors has access to a full range of industry experts across the UK and USA– with different experience, skillsets, and technical knowledge to optimise your claim.

Our Technical Consultants make working with Source Advisors unique. Your Technical Consultant will speak your language so they will waste no time in getting to grips with the work you do.

Our Technical Consultants will give you the benefit of their business acumen, technical expertise, and commercial experience. With all the experience that Source Advisors brings to the table we know where indirect costs tend to be, and we know the relevant questions to ask.

Confident that our technical reports are the best in class

When we have the information we need we focus on crafting the technical report that justifies a robust claim to HMRC. We know what HMRC is looking for, so we can ensure your claim is accurate and complete.

We add our knowledge and insight to the narrative – which gives you the best chance of having a successful claim. So even though we tend to identify higher claim values this doesn’t come with any additional risk. 

And of course, we stand by our claims, if you face an HMRC enquiry we defend it free of charge and run that process on your behalf at no extra charge. With a client retention rate of over 90%, no wonder we are confident in delivering for our clients.

Security and transparency through our online portal

Whether you are a Source Advisors accountancy partner or client, you have access to the Source Advisors portal you will have access to real-time information to help track the progress of your current R&D tax relief claims.

With our portal, you can:

  • See where you, or your clients, are in the process, what the next task is, and who is responsible. We also show you the history of each year where we have data so you’re never in the dark.
  • Share sensitive information with us securely with a simple upload function which avoids the need to email salary or other confidential data.
  • Keep your contract and invoice information in one place, so your Source Advisor documentation is always at hand.

It’s important that you know your Source Advisors team and how to get hold of them. The portal keeps this contact information together including:

Your Account Manager – your day to day contact if you have questions about the progress of a claim.

Your Technical Consultant – who will identify the full extent of your R&D and Intellectual Property, optimise your claim and write your technical reports.

Your Commercial Contact – who will make sure you are up to date with our latest thinking and our other innovation services.

What else can you claim?

For Source Advisors partners and clients, our service doesn’t end with an R&D tax relief claim. Source Advisors also has the expertise to review your patents or identify Intellectual Property that is patentable. Source Advisors will be able to identify if this is the case for you and advise on further benefits that might be available.

Unlike any other provider, Source Advisors takes a genuinely holistic approach and thinks about the big picture. We look at your innovation as a whole rather than breaking it down into parts – so you can be sure that you receive the full credit due.

Innovation lifecycle

Our understanding of the innovation lifecycle of a project helps drive the outcomes of the claims process.

Innovation lifecycle showing the journey through R&D tax relief and credits, IP harvest, Patent Box and Patent landscaping

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