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Intellectual Property (IP) consultancy services

IP strategy that goes beyond protection

Here at Source Advisors our Intellectual Property specialists go beyond traditional IP services, bringing together commercial, financial, and technical expertise to craft an IP strategy that aligns with your business goals.

IP exploration - the right IP strategy to avoid IP theft

Our commercially focused IP services address the common challenge of IP theft during technology commercialisation. Safeguard your intellectual property by embedding robust internal processes and developing a strong portfolio of IP rights, to prevent your hard-earned IP from falling into competitors’ hands. We prioritise providing a clear, focused understanding of your IP opportunities, viewing it through a commercial lens rather than focusing on billable hours or academic credentials.

Our work is in itself a valuable audit of your intangible IP assets. Whatever your business, your IP will be significant and can be one of the most valuable assets your business owns.

IP intelligence - the right IP strategy to help you mitigate risk

Source Advisors uses a data-led approach to mitigate risk when you are making key business decisions.

Starting an R&D project

Avoid duplication of R&D effort

Discover third-party collaboration opportunities

Understand your competitors’ R&D

Acquiring a business

What IP rights do your acquisition targets own and where?

What is their ‘secret sauce’ and is it protected?

How robust is their patent portfolio?

Reviewing IP/Business strategy

What intellectual assets do your competitors own?

How does that compare to your portfolio?

Reduce the risk of infringing on third-party IP

IP prosperity - the right IP strategy to build commercial value

It is a common misconception that businesses patent just for protection. Protection is a key factor, but we elevate our client’s patent portfolio’s by embedding assets that are designed to maximise commercial value. Beyond defensive protection, a carefully cultivated patent portfolio becomes a proactive tool for driving business growth, market expansion, and sustained commercial success. In essence, we transform intellectual assets into tangible commercial value, contributing significantly to the overall strength and potential of your business.

Why choose Source Advisors?

We match you with an IP expert that best suits your business. We view your business holistically by bringing together commercial, financial, and technical expertise. Irrespective of size and complexity, we will find the specialist who can add the most value to your business.

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Are you currently working towards your next funding stage? We have links to the investor community and therefore understand what they look for when it comes to IP. A granted UK patent will bring comfort to investors that your ‘secret sauce’ is protected and cannot be copied or taken from your business – if your funding stage is just around the corner, we have a proven method for speeding up an otherwise lengthy process to achieve a granted UK patent.


Perhaps you are about to launch a product and want to maximise the commercial income from your invention. Approximately 80% of a company’s value is attributed to intangible assets, we help identify and commercialise your assets to their full potential. We are innovation experts and not lawyers, we advise which aspects of your business give you the best chance for a granted UK patent and, consequently, get you entry into the Patent Box scheme.


Perhaps you have come up with a game-changing idea in a very competitive industry and want to ensure that nobody rides the coattails of your hard-earned IP. We will work with you to formulate an effective IP strategy that ensures that you gain the maximum protection possible to keep competitors out and clear the path for you to commercialise your innovation successfully.


Below are some frequently asked questions about making Intellectual Property (IP) services​ claims. If you have any further questions please contact our team who will be happy to advise you.

Intellectual Property includes but is not limited to, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, registered designs, and patents. It is in all cases an intangible asset that a company should value.

For your invention to be eligible for a patent, it must satisfy three criteria in the opinion of a patent examiner. It must

  • Be novel
  • Involve an inventive step
  • Have industrial application.

If all three criteria are met, then the idea is considered to be an invention and a patent will be granted

A trade secret is the information or know-how belonging to a company that is kept confidential due to the value it brings to the business.

Patents offer the exclusive right to the owner to prevent others from using their invention for up to 20 years, in exchange for the blueprint detailing what the invention is, how the invention works and how it should be carried out.

Companies should be weighing up the pros and cons of considering their innovation as a trade secret or following the route towards a patent. It may be that both options are explored at different stages within the product cycle. 

Source Advisors offer a holistic view of your R&D and IP. Our IP services, including Patent Box, are closely linked with R&D tax relief and a company can often claim tax relief under both schemes. We can offer you advice to optimise the value of your innovation. Find out more about our R&D tax relief services.

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