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Innovation is vital for both the economy and society. The ongoing pursuit of betterment and the dedication to solving some of the world’s greatest challenges go far beyond the world of business. Here at Source Advisors, we are committed to improving our community and the society around us by supporting the innovation ecosystem. We want to “Pay it forward”.

Social endeavours are a critical factor in making the innovation ecosystem impactful, effective, and accessible. Our pay it forward initiative is how we focus our social efforts to be a value additive contributor and focused on four core principles:

Build the next generation of STEM talent

Access to STEM careers and training should be a right for all, not only for the few. We are passionate that, as a society, we should all be making a conscious effort and practical decisions to improve engagement, access, and funding for every child. We partner with organisations best placed to solve this challenge.

Supporting STEM subjects

Support the charities who will make the greatest impact to the world’s biggest problems

Remarkable work is done in the charity sector to fund research and development. Without this, we would not have benefitted from some incredible advances in science and technology. We choose charities to support that are continuing to push the boundaries, take the greatest risks, and will make the breakthroughs.

Give our time to causes that are on the front line trying to remove social barriers

At the heart of a society that invests in the next generation is the local community. Where you come from and where you live has a profound impact on your life chances and every year, we dedicate time for our colleagues to work with causes close to their own heart, in their own communities. We realise that life is filled with unexpected detours. Our purpose is to serve our community, clients, and team members.

All colleagues at Source Advisors take part in the Pay it forward volunteer day in October each year. The important thing is that the initiative is something that they feel passionate about and can really make a positive difference.

Volunteering to help
Reduce environmental impact

Reduce the environmental impact of doing business

We are continually evaluating the environmental impact of our offices, our people, and our processes in a drive to reduce, reuse, and recycle. This often relies on getting the basics right. Of course, we encourage the use of reusable water bottles and keep-cups, LED lighting on timers, EV charging points, and the sorting of our office waste for recycling. But beyond that, we also encourage innovation to strive for greener ways of doing business.

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