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Does my business have something worth patenting?

As part of your IP exploration we seek to answer this question. With a simple patent, found in your R&D, you could save on Corporation Tax. Here at Source Advisors we are changing the conversation around Intellectual Property (IP) so that with IP Harvest the focus is on value creation.

What is IP Harvest?

IP Harvest is a unique service, introduced by Source Advisors, to quickly and simply assess whether our clients have something that is worth patenting. We focus on the commercial benefit of finding a single patentable idea so that our clients can access Patent Box in order to save thousands of pounds of Corporation Tax.

What are the key benefits of IP Harvest?

IP Harvest from Source Advisors delivers key benefits to our clients.

  • It’s a fixed fee so you know the cost and timescale up front
  • The output is a yes/no decision that gives you a clear understanding of your IP opportunities
  • Our work is in itself a valuable audit of your intangible IP assets
  • You will know if you have any opportunity to save Corporation Tax through Patent Box.
Key Benefits of Source Advisors IP Harvest
How much will my business save?

How much will my business save?

If your IP Harvest suggests that you have the potential to patent your IP to access the Patent Box scheme, then you have the potential to reduce your Corporation Tax to 10% for profits relating to patented income. You don’t need the whole product to be patented. Even if a minor element is patented then you can qualify with 100% of a company’s worldwide profits from that product qualifying for 10% Corporation Tax.

Why choose Source Advisors?

We match you with an IP expert that best suits your business. We view your business holisitically by bringing together commercial, financial, and technical expertise. Irrespective of size and complexity, we will find the specialist who can add the most value to your business.

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Ensure your business recognises and receives the full credit it is due with our R&D tax relief services​

Our IP consultancy services, including Patent Box, are closely linked with R&D tax relief and a company can often claim tax relief under both schemes. Source Advisors can offer you advice to maximise your claims across both schemes. Find out more about our R&D tax relief services.

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