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We see our partnership with accountancy firms as a central and integral part of our business. Partnering with Source Advisors can help your clients claim under HMRC’s R&D tax credit and Patent Box schemes. Our Accounting Partners benefit from:
  • Resource – our specialist expertise to fully resource your R&D team
  • Rigour – our technical R&D and IP expertise on tap
  • Relationship – our support and guidance
  • Reputation – Mitigating the risk of providing R&D services
  • Room to grow – Not just R&D, offer Patent Box and IP services to your clients
Source Advisors offers a wide range of IP consultancy services that can help your clients identify the full extent of their intangible IP assets, these could be the most valuable assets your client owns.

A specialist R&D and IP partner for accountants

In order to grow your practice you need to respond to the evolving regulation around R&D tax relief, including Research and Development Expenditure Credit (RDEC), the new merged scheme and the Enhanced R&D Intensive Support (ERIS) scheme. You need a partnership that offers a complementary skillset to your own. A partner who can add value to your client base.

Source Advisors has a proven track record and works with thousands of accountancy firms in the UK. We hold ourselves to the industry standards that our accounting partners expect, as members of the ICAEW Practice Assurance scheme.

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Specialist expertise to fully resource your R&D team

Source Advisors can absorb the increased work volumes now required in preparing an R&D claim for your clients. We are aware of any updates to the processes and guidance of making R&D tax relief claims and handle any new administrative requirements or procedures on your behalf.

We work to defend our R&D tax relief claims, essentially giving peace of mind with the increased likelihood of an HMRC enquiry.

Source Advisors is also a specialist in offering IP and patent services. These are value added services that you could extend to your clients.


Technical rigour in a changing landscape

As R&D specialists, we stay one step ahead of legislative changes and their impacts. We have a compliance-led approach, with a knowledge of what HMRC wants to see in an R&D claim. We apply those same skills when we defend an R&D claim in HMRC enquiry, carry out compliance assessments or offer other specialist guidance.

Uniquely we use our expertise in patent landscaping to define an R&D baseline to demonstrate compliant R&D activity in a tax relief claim.

There for you, with support and guidance

Source Advisors supports you with a dedicated team, who will become an essential part of your R&D team. We hold regular CPD-certified training, delivered by webinar or in your office, to upskill your people. Training is also offered to provide a holistic view of the value of IP and Patent Box, in particular.

As a Source Advisors’ partner, you have access to an online portal to track the progress of your clients’ R&D claims. This also offers a secure platform to share confidentially client data safely.

Source Advisors represents the position of our partners and clients when policy is discussed. We send regular updates to you and your team with industry changes and their impacts.


Mitigating the risk of providing R&D services

When you offer R&D services to your clients, through your partnership with Source Advisors, you can be sure that your clients receive a service that is second to none. You can proceed safely with the knowledge that we have mitigated your risk of making inaccurate claims and protected you and your clients against the costs of defending an enquiry.

Sometimes this means that we provide a challenge to your existing processes and suggest that some clients do not have an R&D claim to make. This is to protect the integrity of the scheme and to provide a robust risk assessment to protect you and your client from issues with HMRC further down the line.

An important consideration in defending an R&D claim could be in establishing the R&D baseline. Using patent information can be a fundamental part of demonstrating that an R&D project is seeking to achieve an advance in overall knowledge or capability. Source Advisors can provide a snapshot of the patent situation for a specific technology that answers the R&D baseline question for HMRC.

Not just R&D, offering Patent Box and IP services to your clients

We want your accounting practice team to be able to have the innovation conversation with your clients. Through Source Advisors you can extend your service range beyond R&D to offer a Patent Box service and IP strategy.
Room to grow

What our partners say

Accountancy partner portal

As our accounting partner, you will automatically have full visibility and transparency of your clients’ journey through their R&D tax claims. Importantly our portal allows you to share sensitive and confidential documents securely. You are never left in the dark and know exactly where your client is in our process.

Your portal will allow you to

  • Upload client details for Source Advisors to review and assess the potential of an R&D claim
  • Track specific actions along the journey of the claim
  • Share sensitive documents securely
  • Monitor a particular client but also hold an overview of your portfolio of clients

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