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  • Source Advisors helped make a claim against expenditure on an R&D project which failed initially
  • Claims made by CCS under the R&D tax credit scheme have increased by 500% over four years
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Our client

Computer Controlled Solutions Ltd is a manufacturer of bespoke control systems designed to operate mechanical processes and activities across a variety of industries, ranging from aerospace, transport, energy and beyond.

Identifying the innovation

Computer Controlled Solutions Ltd has created systems for wind turbine nacelles and environmental monitoring in the energy industry. They have also developed control and data acquisition solutions for testing and development in the aviation industries. One project to design a control system intitially failed. A new solution was built from scratch but we helped Computer Controlled Solutions Ltd to make a claim on the failed project as significant time and expenditure had taken place to try and advance science or technology. R&D does not guarantee success, but the tax relief scheme takes this into account

The Source Advisors difference

This investment in R&D has seen Computer Controlled Solutions Ltd make claims under the R&D tax credit scheme that have increased by over 500% in four years.

This allows Computer Controlled Solutions Ltd to continue investing in R&D and thus make future claims.

In their words

“I liked the way my technical specialist understood our company’s activities and which ones qualified for the R&D scheme, compiling a thorough technical claim report.

With their help, we now understand what activities qualify and I am very pleased that our claim benefit has increased year on year from an initial £9.4k to £16.9k to £57.4k, supporting continuous R&D.”

Paul Riley  |  Managing Director,
Computer Controlled Solutions Ltd

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