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Quartz Technical Services Ltd

Industry: Electronic Engineering 

  • Source Advisors identified different projects which could be claimed under large and small company R&D tax credit schemes
  • This allowed the client to make more R&D claims than if they had only claimed as an SME
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Our client

Established in 1987, Quartz Technical Services Ltd produce products for sectors including telecommunications, broadcasting, gas and oil and aerospace.

Identifying the innovation

Quartz Technical Services Ltd was tasked with producing a physical interface and software for a control unit.

Quartz Technical Services Ltd undertook extensive R&D work to develop and test different components.

They took financial risk in producing these products. There was no guarantee of success but they were still able to claim under the R&D tax credit scheme.

The Source Advisors difference

The R&D tax credit scheme works to enable claims under large and small company versions of the scheme, with varying criteria for each claim.

Source Advisors has expertise in identifying different projects within one company so that they can be claimed under both variants of the scheme. This allowed Quartz Technical to make a larger number of claims than if they had been restricted to only claiming as an SME.

In their words

“I was very impressed that Source Advisors was able to identify projects we undertook both for ourselves and our customers that could be claimed.

Source Advisors’ investigative work is impressively thorough and in depth. I would highly recommend them.”

Paul Mousley  |  Project Manager,
Quartz Technical Services Ltd 

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