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Traffic Environment Systems Ltd (TES)

Industry: Mobile CCTV technology

  • Source Advisors offered the client a holistic view of the incentives and tax reliefs used to promote innovation over a period of seven years
  • A successful IPO patent grant application allowed the client to benefit from Patent Box in addition to the R&D tax credit scheme

Our client

Traffic Environment Systems Ltd (TES) has been providing innovative and award winning specialised mobile CCTV solutions since 2004.

They are able to combine a wealth of local government experience in parking and traffic enforcement with a deep rooted expertise in CCTV and associated technologies. TES is now firmly established as the market leader in their field.

Identifying the innovation

Our unique blend of specialist in-house commercial, technical and Intellectual Property (IP) expertise enables Source Advisors to offer an unparalleled service to our clients across both the R&D tax credit and Patent Box tax relief schemes. The organisers of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games had the challenge of issuing parking permits to ‘Games Vehicles’, businesses and residents around Olympic venues. They needed to register and relay the positions of parking bays to CCTV enforcement vehicles. TES developed two unique systems to address these issues. Through continuous innovation TES had developed a new product, effectively a by-product from one of their existing technologies. They had applied to the European Patent Office (EPO) but the innovation had been deemed not to be patentable. This ruled out the possibility of TES claiming the valuable tax incentives available under the UK Patent Box scheme.

The Source Advisors difference

We were able to offer TES a holistic view of the incentives and tax reliefs used to promote innovation in order to help them commercialise this activity.

We have successfully handled TES’s R&D claims for seven years. Our in depth knowledge of their business enabled us to compile their technical claim schedules quickly and efficiently, in order to optimise their claims.

This also put us in a strong position to review their application for a patent. We were able to identify a technical “blade of grass“ that was contained in one line of the UK application that had not featured in the EPO application. Our IP insight, specialist skill set and the persistence of the client paid off. The Intellectual Property Office application was finally approved on its new narrow scope argument, because there was “no prior art” and because the inventive element was not obvious 3 years ago.

In their words

“Source Advisors have effectively handled our R&D tax credit claims for seven years, so when we needed to utilise their expertise in identifying IP and drafting successful Patent applications, we were able to “relax”, knowing their technical knowledge gave us the best chance for successful IPO patent grant.

This allowed us to benefit from the Patent Box in addition to the R&D tax credit scheme; supporting our continued focus on investment in innovative developments that consolidate our position as market leader.”

Clive Paul  |  Managing Director,
TES Ltd 

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