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Industry: Monitoring solutions

  • Although initially unsure that they would qualify, Source Advisors identified different projects which could be claimed under large and small company R&D tax credit schemes
  • As a client since 2010, Veriserv has successfully recovered more than £100k to the business

Our client

Veriserv provide comprehensive compliance monitoring and reporting solutions for a range of different professional services including electrical, fire and mechanical. They provide IT tools that enable test engineers to inspect and report efficiently.

Identifying the innovation

Although initially unsure that they would qualify Veriserv had developed new software and data collection devices for their on-site engineers that allowed them to communicate in real time with our central database. Source Advisors identified that a significant amount of eligible R&D had gone in to the development of this new capability.

The Source Advisors difference

The Source Advisors technical specialist interviewed the technical development team and collected data from the company’s accountants before preparing a claim that was submitted along with the year-end tax return.

Claiming these R&D tax credits allowed Veriserv to run a much more extensive program of development and helped improve the quality and accuracy of their management information systems and the service delivery.

As a client since 2010, Veriserv have successfully recovered more than £100k  to the business.

In their words

“My words of advice would be; you may think that only scientific or manufacturing type companies qualify for R&D tax credits but that couldn’t be further from the truth, as every kind of business implements new processes, procedures, and systems that are highly likely to attract the tax credit. We paid on a no win, no fee basis, so we had nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

Martyn Jupp  |  Chief Executive Officer,
Veriserv Ltd

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