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Warden Plastics

Industry: Plastics Manufacturing 

  • Source Advisors identified different projects which could be claimed under large and small company R&D tax credit schemes
  • This allowed the client to make more R&D claims than if they had only claimed as an SME
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Our client

Since it was established in 1957, Luton-based Warden Plastics has moved into design and production of injection moulded and extruded products.

Identifying the innovation

Product innovation and research and development is at the heart of Warden’s business, so achieving tax credits for this work is a welcome bonus. Claims were made for two major R&D projects.

The Source Advisors difference

Source Advisors carried out all the claim preparation work, while Warden supplied accounts information and project details. Initially there can be quite a lot of paperwork to prepare and submit, in order to put forward a good case, backed up with detailed evidence.

Warden received a cheque for a five-figure sum within six months of starting the claims process.

In their words

“Our accountants are very good and very reputable, but Source Advisors is specifically geared up to deal with this sort of claim, so they can move more quickly and have the particular knowledge needed to push claims through.

They were very good; their communication and feedback kept us up to speed. The information they gave us and support along the way was excellent. They are a very good partner.

We face constant legislation and grants such as those for R&D help us to compete with our overseas competitors, particularly those in Asia.”

Mark Barrett  |  Managing Director,
Warden Plastics

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