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Sam Warren
Accountant Relationship Manager

With a background in account management, Sam has no problem building relationships with our accounting partners and their clients.

Sam Warren

About Sam Warren

With a background in account and relationship management, Sam spent the 7 years prior to joining Source Advisors working with mid to large tier accountancy practices for an FTSE 100 tech firm. Experienced in managing complex accounts and nurturing long-term relationships, Sam’s career has been marked by a commitment to fostering success through collaborative partnerships.

As Accountant Relationship Manager at Source Advisors, Sam’s unwavering focus is on building strong, mutually beneficial relationships that guarantee exceptional results and top-notch customer service for our accountant partners and their clients.

In his own words

“My experience working with accountants has given me a deep understanding of the pressures that practices face. Our accountant partners should see me as an extension of their team as I work to improve their service offering and support their client’s interests through R&D, IP, and patents.”

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