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GovGrant launches Elevation to empower accountants with R&D and IP

Today we launched Elevation, a new tool that allows accountants to take control of R&D tax claims and support them through the process with access to additional expert help and resources as required. Elevation is free of charge to our accounting partners. Elevation will help accountants drive the R&D tax conversation with clients. But more than that it will allow accountants to generate low-value R&D tax credit claims on behalf of their clients.

Why did GovGrant create Elevation?

With an increasing number of ineffective R&D solutions being brought to market, it is becoming impossible for businesses, and their accountants, to know where to go for solid, reliable advice when it comes to R&D tax credits.

Taking feedback directly from accountants, Elevation provides them with greater clarity on the eligibility of businesses for tax incentives and gives them full control, visibility, and transparency over a client’s claim journey. The focus of Elevation is on quality and providing the appropriate tools to match the types of client needs while helping accountants to upskill with the right knowledge and guidance on a secure, reliable platform for data transfer between GovGrant specialists and accountants.

A secure and robust technology solution

It is a tech enablement solution that is using technology to help drive standards and underpin the integrity of the R&D tax credit schemes and is being provided free of charge to accountants. Based on the accountant’s knowledge of the client, they will be able to build the claim report on behalf of clients in plain English, powered by a benchmark of over 7,000 claims.

Elevation protects accountants, and their clients, from poor practice in the R&D tax market place

Luke Hamm, CEO, comments: “We want to empower accountants to have the innovation conversation so they do not fall into the hands of unscrupulous ‘advisors’ throwing money at marketing, with zero experience, quality, or concern for tax payers money. We are very proud of what we do and why we do it so Elevation allows us to open our doors and give accountants the tools, insight, and total transparency needed to ensure their clients are in good hands and the government can continue to rely on R&D tax credits as a powerful tool to turbocharge the economy.

The R&D tax advisor market has sadly turned into the wild west and our hope is that Elevation puts a few more Sheriffs out there to protect clients and protect the scheme.”

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