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GovGrant – an active member of the CBI R&D working group

GovGrant – a seat at the table when policy is discussed

Over the years our business has grown as a direct response to government initiatives to encourage innovation in the business community. Using our experience and expertise, we now have a seat at the table when government and businesses discuss the best way to reward innovation in the UK. We aim to influence policy by representing our clients.

What does it mean when GovGrant says we stand up for business innovation

GovGrant rightly sits at the heart of the R&D and innovation ecosystem. We understand that some businesses might not be represented as fully as they should be. Particularly the innovators in the SME community who tend to have their head down in the day to day running of their businesses. We take what we know of their issues, challenges and opportunities and ensure that they get included in policy thinking and decision making.

The CBI R&D working group

One example of this is the role GovGrant has on the CBI R&D working group, focussing on domestic research and innovation policy. This group brings together senior and director level participants from the public and private sectors including CBI members from universities, technology companies, consultants, manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, who work alongside representatives from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

The CBI R&D working group works through:

  1. ENGAGEMENT with CBI members
  2. DEVELOPMENT of policy ideas and positions
  3. CONSULTATION through a network of members
  4. MANDATING through formal governance structure
  5. CAMPAIGNING to influence policy and make a difference

Members of the CBI R&D working group agree that the primary focus of the group should be on policy with particular areas of interest including open innovation, the role of regulators and the need for a more joined approach to funding across government departments.

The GovGrant role and how we represent our clients

GovGrant contributes actively, and we do so at a senior level. One of our recommendations resulted in the CBI writing to HMRC to highlight concerns about the processing times of R&D tax credits payments, the cash operating needs of R&D intensive businesses and calling for measures to ensure claims are paid out promptly at this challenging time.

R&D is at the heart of the industrial strategy and the governments long term position for Britain. By making sure that businesses have the support they need and that government shares in the risk of innovation, we hope it creates more freedom for entrepreneurs and businesses. Our mission is for the UK to be the destination of choice for creating and investing in innovation.

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