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GovGrant wins Best Place to Work at the UK Business Awards 2022

We are proud to announce that GovGrant has been named Best Place to Work by the UK Business Awards 2022. Our people are our greatest asset and we believe that when the team thrives, so does the business.

Our CEO, Luke Hamm, responded to the news. ‘To be seen as the Best Place to Work underlines the importance and focus we all have on our culture and how it creates a brilliant environment. We spend so much time at work that it needs to be the best and we have an unwavering commitment to continue to be market-leading and the very best place for our team.’

GovGrant, one of many facing a challenging year

2021 came with unprecedented challenges following the lingering impacts of Covid-19, both in our professional and personal lives. Every business, regardless of size or industry, has in some way had to deal with the grinding halt of many plans, projects, and events. Only to then face a rapid return to the former demands and “not-enough-hours-in-the-day” lifestyle that we used to know as the norm.

Despite this, it has been at once inspiring and empowering to see the calibre of businesses enter this year’s UK Business Awards. Businesses that demonstrate their resilience, innovation, versatility, and collaboration during this time. And an even greater privilege to win despite being up against such tough competition.

GovGrant’s award-winning business culture

To grow our business, we promote a culture where every employee has a voice and is confident to use it. A non-hierarchal dynamic encourages free thinking and our senior management value real feedback from the team.

A new member of our team said “The biggest impact GovGrant has had for me is adaptability. The team are willing to try everything once and value all ideas and angles. My previous job was very taxing on my work-life balance, however, since starting my role at GovGrant the flexibility has meant I have benefitted personally and so have my relationships.”

GovGrant has a lot to be proud of. Flexible working established long before Covid-19, evolving and refreshed company benefits, clear roadmaps for career progression, a commitment to team bonding and socials, and clear communication from an approachable senior management team to name but a few.

GovGrant’s staff survey results 2021

Our 2021 survey revealed promising results built on previous strong results, such as:

  • 9 in 10 employees are proud to work at GovGrant
  • 89% would recommend GovGrant as a great place to work
  • 94% agree they are satisfied with the flexibility in choosing where they work
  • 91% receive recognition or praise for good work

If you are interested in joining the GovGrant team, please email me, for our most recent vacancies and upcoming opportunities.

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