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Have you heard us on the radio?

As an innovative SME ourselves we are always looking for new ways to get our message out there to UK businesses. During the first lockdown, we took the opportunity to trial a radio campaign to promote our R&D and IP message to innovative companies.

We looked at commercial radio advertising to reach out to new clients and partners to build awareness of R&D and Patent Box incentives and of course to show how GovGrant can help. We believe that radio, as part of a wider campaign, can be powerful in helping to build brands over the long term and boost interest in our website in the short term.

We have used radio advertising to show the ways in which R&D tax relief can be relevant to SMEs and larger companies, to share our client experience, and to point businesses towards the help they need.

Here is one of our adverts. Let us know if you heard our name on the radio and what you think.

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