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Here at Source Advisors, we use data-driven strategies to reduce risk when making key business decisions. Patent landscaping and competitor benchmarking will give you the intelligence when starting an R&D project, buying a business or reviewing your business strategy.

What is patent landscaping?

Patent data is often used to construct an innovation landscape, giving you a visual representation of the R&D effort in your chosen technology area. Patent landscapes are often used by companies to better understand ‘what is going on’ within a technology area, by analysing the prior art to help define whether there are any potential gaps in the market that you may be able to exploit. This exercise is incredibly valuable as it gives you the best possible assurance that you are not about to tackle a problem that has already been solved. It will also highlight potential third-party collaboration opportunities and give you a good insight on upcoming players in your space.

Source Advisors’ patent landscape analysis

We will answer the following:

  • Where are the technological gaps that your business could exploit?

  • How saturated or unsaturated is your chosen technology space?

  • Who are the top players within your chosen technology space?

  • Has somebody already beaten you to your idea?

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Using patent landscaping to establish the technology baseline in R&D projects

A fundamental part of demonstrating that an R&D project, for tax purposes, is seeking to achieve an advance in overall knowledge or capability is to establish the baseline. Some businesses assume they know what the baseline is, but the only way to be absolutely certain is to analyse the patent landscape.

Many products and technologies never make it to market, so effectively remain “hidden”. This can be because of a change in company leadership, direction, or market strategy. Or maybe the process is still in progress or has stalled because of an issue with the patent or the cost.

Your competitors may not be currently selling an innovative product, but they may have carried out the R&D before you. All patents and patent applications become publicly available knowledge and, therefore, need to be considered when establishing the R&D baseline.

A Source Advisors’ patent landscaping analysis not only provides invaluable insight into your competitor’s activity in your chosen technology, it can be essential in demonstrating the R&D baseline in any R&D tax relief claim.

What is competitor benchmarking using IP analysis?

An IP competitor benchmarking study is designed to compare your IP with your closest competition. This comprehensive analysis will uncover and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your IP portfolio and give you a detailed view of what your competitors are patenting. Consequently, this IP analysis will provide valuable technical and commercial insights into the demographic of your competitors’ R&D.

There may be technologies where your competition can prohibit you from using, selling, or making a product. Competitor benchmarking can help you gain insights into your competition’s past, present, and future R&D direction. It can show your competition’s strongest assets and associated weak points.

Alternatively, if you do not currently own any patents, we can compare and contrast your current R&D strategy with your competitors’ IP strategy.

Source Advisors’ competitor benchmarking analysis will answer the following:

  • What are my competitors patenting?
  • When did they patent it and where have they sought protection?
  • What is my competitors’ IP and R&D strategy and how has that changed over time?
  • How do I fare against my competition?

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Source Advisors tailored IP report

Source Advisors can provide tailored reports to help you understand your sector, your competition and your innovation opportunities. Here are some examples of the kind or reports we can build to your meet your business strategy requirements.

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