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Elevation – our R&D tax credit portal for accounting partners.

At GovGrant  our relationship with our accounting partners is more important than ever and we want to make sure our knowledge and experience is offered and available when needed. This is why we developed our online portal Elevation.  

What is Elevation?

Elevation gives accountants a secure yet accessible place to hold all the information related to their clients R&D claims.  

Elevation doesn’t need any specific software to run, is simple to use, and is a secure platform that gives our Accounting Partners full visibility of their clients claim process. 

GovGrant  is embracing the move toward more digitally enabled accountancy practices and we are investing in ways to drive better compliance and integrity when it comes to R&D. Elevation also gives accountants access to wider IP and Patent Box services. 

How can Elevation help your accounting practice?

When you become a GovGrant accounting partner, you and your team get individual log-ins. Once online you can securely upload profiles for your client including confidential documents such as CT600, HMRC communications, and business bank statements. Having demonstrated the functionality of uploading documents to our accounting partners, we have found that it solves a problem and a worry that many share over email security in the current climate.  

Elevation gives you full visibility of the progress of the claim and where abouts it is in the system, enabling yourself and your client to anticipate filing dates and claim figures. 

You will be able to see all of your clients currently in the process with GovGrant, their Account Manager and their Technical Specialist making communication with us as easy as possible. 

You can create brochures focused on R&D tax relief and Intellectual Property, branded with your own company logo and your choice of contact details.  

We will also produce topical, relevant, and insightful content that you can use on your company website to reach your clients. 

How Elevation can help you with your clients

We provide email templates that will promote the schemes and the range of services you offer to your clients. There is also a range of emails informing clients of the progress of their claim.  

The R&D Radial can be used to quickly see whether there could be a potential R&D claim (this is only an overview and of course values and claim potentials could change with more information). 

How Elevation can help your accounting and tax team

Upskilling your team and ensuring they are well informed about the current R&D landscape is more important than ever. We have included comprehensive training materials, ready for you to distribute to your team to ensure they are as knowledgeable as possible when it comes to all things R&D, IP and patents. We can also offer CPD accredited training sessions either face to face or as a webinar to get your team up to speed, something that our current partners have found invaluable for giving their team confidence and skills to negotiate the changing landscape. 

Whether you currently have access to Elevation or not, please contact me to organise a demo of the everything that Elevation has to offer. 

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