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We are working more closely than ever with accountants to help businesses secure the grants that are so vital to encourage continued innovation which not only helps them to an edge over competitors but also keeps the wheels of industry turning.

We would urge outsourcing of roles such as this to experts such as ourselves to drive the best client outcomes. With exacting and demanding clients having ever higher expectations these days, we are entering a new era of business relationships rather than just professional services.

The key is working together. We see our partnership with accountancy and other professional firms as a central and integral part of our business. Teamwork is the crucial element with participants having different areas of expertise all pulling together for the common good.

It is very much a stakeholder partnership operation and we feel GovGrant is the right partner to strengthen your team.

We exist to make sure that innovation is recognised and receives the full range of available government funding. Our expertise can help your clients claim R&D, Patent Box, and capital allowances tax relief – all vital for future investment.

We can work with accountancy firms in a variety of different ways under many different arrangements – one size certainly does not fit all and all you can be assured all partnerships will be entirely unique and bespoke for the circumstances.

Given our proven track record and successful work with thousands of accountancy firms in the UK, we can safely say that we can maximise the value you give to your clients and we only focus on what you need us to.

We will work with you to tailor our offering, giving you the comfort you want and the additional resources you need. You may even wish to consider setting up your own R&D team and involve us in the process of establishing this fundamental value chain.

We can work at;

Partner level – a senior level support that would handle the grant application process from start to finish.

Director level – would be a flexible resource that can plug any gaps and act under your instruction.

Associate level – would be a backup resource to offer training, quality assurance or specific advice.

Whatever your needs, we are there, we are flexible and we are on your side.

So, while we do not necessarily expect you to be suffering from any phantasmagorical manifestations we do know who it would be good to call – GovGrant.

For ghosts, just head down to the old firehouse building in NYC….

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