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GovGrant signs up with Insurtech UK

Innovation tax specialist GovGrant is delighted to confirm today that it has been accepted as the research and development/intellectual property partner of Insurtech UK. GovGrant joins the 40+ insurtech startups and insurance-related businesses who have joined as associate members and partners since the Insurtech UK alliance – which plans to become a formal trade association in the next few months – informally launched in November 2018.

GovGrant, helps UK companies maximise the funding opportunities through innovation tax incentives when they are investing in R&D and intellectual property. The business was founded as a direct response to the Government’s introduction of R&D relief in 2000.

GovGrant CEO Luke Hamm said they were looking forward to working with Insurtech UK and playing a key role in its activities as it works to become the definitive voice of the insurtech community.

“It’s great news for us that Insurtech UK has recognised our ability to make a key contribution in developing the potential of, and providing a voice for, this sector that is so crucial to UK plc,” he said.

“We have evolved and grown a successful businesses by responding to new opportunities in legislation and helping our clients commercialise their innovation.

“This experience has now earned us a seat at the table when government and businesses discuss the best way to reward innovation in the UK.”

Insurtech UK founding member and Chair of Operations, Matt Hodges-Long (founder of TrackMyRisks), said: ““We were very keen to ensure that the associate members and partners who joined us had the credibility and experience in the sector to effectively contribute to our work, and we are delighted that GovGrant have signed on as our R&D and intellectual property partner.

“We look forward to working together collaboratively on various initiatives to help the Insurtech sector reach its true potential.”

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