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‘It Pays to Innovate’ workshop hosted by GovGrant

We are delighted to be hosting our second ‘It Pays to Innovate’ workshop with Velocity Growth Hub next week. Seats are limited, but it’s not to late to book your free space!

Date & Time: 6 September 2018 – 9.30am – 13.30pm

Venue: iCon Innovation Centre, Daventry, Northamptonshire, NN11 0QB

This informative workshop gives advice & guidance on available Government funding schemes that can deliver an annual injection of FREE business cash.

For SMEs, sourcing business funding to develop new products or services is vital for business growth and sustained profitability can be a frustrating, time consuming and often costly exercise. Yet, 90% of companies miss out on their entitlement to tens of thousands of pounds of government incentive funding each year. As they are simply unaware, erroneously believe they don’t qualify or are under-claiming their tax credit/relief entitlements.

Who Should Attend:

Company MD’s, FD’s, Technical & Senior managers operating in the science & technology, IT-software, manufacturing & engineering Industries, together with companies from any industry sector that carry out product, materials, process & systems development or research activities, for themselves or their clients.

As a result of attending this workshop, you will leave:

  • Knowing the wide range of financing and grant schemes available
  • Understanding the breadth of activities that qualify for an annual 33% R&D tax credit
  • Identify qualifying R&D activities and expenditure in your everyday business activities
  • Learn how to maximise your R&D cash entitlement from the government
  • Understanding how to generate 50% tax relief on income from Patented products
  • Knowing how to make a Patent Box claim
  • Know if you are maximising your business’s annual Capital Allowance tax relief entitlement.
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