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Being a Source Advisors company – what does it mean for our accounting partners

You’ll remember that on 31 March 2023, GovGrant was acquired by Source Advisors LLC an exciting step on our continuing journey as the UK’s authority on incentives for business innovation. As part of the Source family, we share a joint vision deeply rooted in quality, relationships, technical excellence, and creating the very best working culture for our people.

Working together for CPAs and UK accountants

Since 31 March we have gained a greater understanding of Source Advisors and how they are leading the way in assisting CPAs and their clients in all aspects of federal and state taxes, including the US R&D tax credit scheme.

This breadth and depth of knowledge has already proved invaluable in widening our ability to provide technical expertise where our partner accountants have clients with a US presence.

The value for our accounting partners in the UK

In June this year, whilst undertaking a portfolio review for a UK top 50 firm of accountants, we were able to provide R&D expertise and IP consultancy for corporate clients who had both parent and subsidiary companies based across the US. The Corporate Tax Partner explained a particularly complex structure and scenario and we were able to provide guidance around the impact in each territory and how challenges could be mitigated. Bringing our US team into conversations such as this, enables us to work even more closely with our UK accountants, providing technical expertise for their global clients.

Offering our UK expertise to the US

In the same way, we’ve been delighted to be able to support US CPAs who have clients with a UK presence that need expertise in IP or R&D tax credit claims.

Over the last 6 months, teams in both the UK and US have started working together to integrate into a unified business to deliver market-leading services that will benefit accountants and CPAs on both sides of the Atlantic.

Becoming known as Source Advisors

In 2024 GovGrant will become known as Source Advisors in the UK, and you’ll see that brand change in our documentation and digital presence. However, our dedication to the R&D and IP marketplace and the support for our accounting partners will remain the same as we seek to add more services to support innovative companies in the UK and their advisors.

Source Advisors – about us

Source Advisors is a specialised tax consulting group with a head office in Fort Worth, Texas. Source Advisors has provided R&D tax credit and other incentive solutions in the USA for 40 years. Now as a Source Advisors company, we have access to an international team of over 250 professionals to serve our clients in the UK and US. Source Advisors provides unique expertise, tailored solutions, and stellar client service.

  • In the US, Source Advisors has provided specialised tax services to accountants and their clients for over 40 years
  • Over 10,700 R&D claims completed in the US
  • Over $1.6 billion in credits claimed in the US

In particular, Source Advisors has a strong offering to professional partners including CPAs and attorneys. We consider partnerships with accountancy and other professional firms as a central and integral part of the business.

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