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GovGrant finalists in the Lloyds British Business Excellence and The Business Culture Awards

GovGrant has been announced as a finalist in two categories of the Business Culture Awards, for Best Working Environments & Practices Initiative and Best Small Organisation for Business Culture. We’ve also been successful in the Lloyds British Business Excellence Awards, as Employer of the Year and Small to Medium Business of the Year. It’s great to have our business recognised in this way, and an endorsement of all we have achieved this year.

Independent recognition for our successes in 2020-21

These awards aren’t just about growth, although as a business we have enjoyed phenomenal growth, doubling in size in 5 years. Importantly they reflect our innovation and the way we have introduced new and groundbreaking services for our clients and accounting partners.

For example, we’re changing the conversation around Intellectual Property (IP). GovGrant now offers a full range of IP services, including IP Harvest, to ensure that our clients are maximising the commercial benefit from their innovation.

GovGrant also launched Elevation in 2021, a complimentary online service for our accounting partners. More than anything this demonstrates that we used the experience of lockdown to make improvements for our partners, helping them embrace the opportunities of digital working.

Recognising the value of our people

But the best thing about these awards is that they have recognised the value of our people. I often say that our people are our difference. And that’s never more obvious than during a pandemic.

As we switched to full remote working, we all transitioned to working-from-home relatively smoothly making use of systems and technology already in place. We didn’t have to furlough any of our staff, which was a huge relief. Indeed we actually recruited new people into technical, tax, and business development roles. This continued to be a period of growth for us and we’re always keen to get skilled people on board as soon as possible.

GovGrant has always been about more than the office and I thank all of our staff for stepping up and remaining committed even in the face of wider challenges.

An “award-winning” year for our team

In the extraordinary year, we had in 2020/21 see these awards as recognising the things we’ve achieved as a team. The mutual support, resilience, and the way we’ve all acknowledged that there is more to life than work. We’ve met the challenges, isolation, and competing demands of the pandemic with flexibility, practical measures, and a sense of humour.

We’re up against some tough competition in all categories, it’s an honour to be up against some great companies. And whether we’re ultimately successful or not, nothing will change how enormously proud of the team I am.


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