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Leisure in Lockdown – at least your mind is free to wander

“What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.” The words of welsh poet W H Davies were ringing my ears for all the right reasons today.”

As our first day of 100% working from home I have been worried about how the team will deal with what is actually a significant shift from normal behaviour and how we all keep mentally well and active in what is now a national lockdown.

Just a month ago if you gave someone the opportunity to spend more time at home they would have jumped at the chance- and we should all still see it as a massive opportunity to allow that extra time to let our minds wander like they haven’t done since we were kids.

We live in such a busy time, with instant access to anything that for us to think outside the box is just too time consuming. In W H Davies words, he points out those simple pleasures that will inevitably make someone smile and forget about some of the struggles and hardships we have in our everyday lives. Let’s not forget, some of the very best ideas and inventions have been mistakes or crazy ideas because the inventor had nothing else to do than think, and dream.

In a state of national emergency let’s take the time to stand and stare. It may well create value beyond our wildest dreams.

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