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Industry: Manufacturing
  • The client was initially dubious about being able to claim for process improvements
  • Source Advisors used their knowledge and expertise to help the client claim R&D tax relief, and the improvements created greater efficiency within their business
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Our client

Founded in 1979, Hone-All Precision Ltd has successfully extended its remit to become a leading single source manufacturer of precision-machined components.

Identifying the innovation

Hone-All Precision Ltd wanted to make their production line quicker, more cost effective and more efficient. They identified that the production of their own in house boring tubes would help achieve this.

Hone-All Precision Ltd undertook a process including design, re design and testing before creating new boring tubes that met their stringent requirements.

The Source Advisors difference

This R&D work created greater efficiency within the business and also allowed for an increase in production and supply volume. But more than that we supported the client in making a claim to recover tax relief.

The client was initially dubious about being able to claim for internal process improvement, but Source Advisors’ knowledge and expertise reassured them. The claim was successful.

In their words

“Being able to claim money back from the taxman for work we did to advance our internal manufacturing processes as well as the end customer experience is very welcome.”

Andrea Rodney  |  Director,
Hone All Precision Ltd

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