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Industry: Software 
  • Source Advisors helped claim R&D tax credits for multiple projects some of which spanned several years
  • This allowed the client to claim credit on approximately 25% of their investment which they re-invested in innovation to stay ahead of their competitors

Our client

Established in 1999, Tracware Ltd supply high quality Maintenance, Repair and Operations Control (RPO) software solutions to meet client needs.

With a client base spanning the UK, Europe and Worldwide, continuous innovation and meeting ever-changing expectations are a key factor for achieving success.

Identifying the innovation

Research and Development work was undertaken over multiple projects to overcome technical uncertainty and achieve a robust solution to meet their customers’ exacting requirements.

The Source Advisors difference

Tracware Ltd have been able to claim R&D tax credits for multiple projects in each financial year and projects that span across several years. These included projects that they may have assumed not to qualify as Research and Development.

This has allowed Tracware Ltd to re-invest and develop new software solutions to enhance their existing product portfolio and add new, innovative products, keeping Tracware Ltd ahead of their competitors as well as allowing further R&D tax credit claims.

In their words

“We are so pleased with the Source Advisors service that we now introduce companies within our network who are unaware of the scheme or did not believe they qualified for R&D tax credit and relief.

I look forward to working with you on our current financial year R&D claim… knowing that through the scheme we get back about 25% of our investment enables us to invest in challenging developments where success or the timeframe to get there is uncertain.”

Andrew Maley  |  Managing Director,
Tracware Ltd

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