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Rowan Akers
Outreach Team Leader

In his role, Rowan inspires our Outreach Team to identify innovative UK businesses and help optimise their R&D and IP opportunities.

About Rowan

Rowan joined Source Advisors in 2021 and now heads up the Outreach Team. His background in hospitality honed his ability to really listen to people and deal with anything that was thrown his way. He also gained an understanding of small businesses, so can appreciate many of the issues that our clients can face on a day-to-day basis.

Rowan works with our clients to fully identify and optimise their R&D and IP to achieve their business goals.

In his own words

“I help businesses identify and manage R&D relief, identify Intellectual Property and kickstart the Patent Box process. I am passionate about helping companies recognise their full potential allowing them to reinvest that money so they can innovate further.”

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