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Roll the clock back to 2006 and R&D tax was a thing people barely knew about. Compare that to now where it dominates the government investment plan to turn the UK in to a Science Superpower.

The evolution of the R&D tax relief market

Through that period the way businesses, advisors and accountants engage with the scheme has evolved at the same pace. As a business who has had a core focus on quality and standards, we know GovGrant is best placed to help shape the next evolution of the market. Coupled with our passion for, and recognition of, the untapped opportunity for businesses to engage with a clear commercial focus on Intellectual Property, now is the time to be brave.

GovGrant acquired by Source Advisors LLC

To turbocharge our growth, GovGrant has been acquired by Source Advisors LLC and through a joint vision for growth rooted deeply in quality, relationships and creating the very best working culture for our people this step in our journey as a business is a truly exciting one.

Source Advisors are a market leading advisory firm based in Texas, USA who partnered with Boston Ventures Investment Partners in 2022 with the vision to create a global advisor to support businesses and their accounting partners when it comes to innovation and tax incentives. Source Advisors have been successfully serving the Certified Public Accountant market for decades and by joining them, we can access a greater talent pool, more solutions and global coverage for our partners and clients.

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