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How we work with our accountant partners

At Source Advisors, we believe that great partnerships are built on collaboration, transparency, and mutual growth.

To make the most of our partnership, it’s crucial that there is active engagement between our business and yours. From the outset, we set clear expectations and hold ourselves accountable so we’re always delivering on our promises.

Here’s a look at how we work with our accounting partners and the different ways we can support your practice and clients.

Getting to know your practice

The more we know about your practice, the better we can tailor our services to meet your needs and those of your clients. We take time to learn about your team structure, internal culture, and communication strategy so that we can deliver relevant and impactful support that aligns perfectly with your goals and priorities.

I recently met with a practice who had historically done R&D claims in-house, but the increasing complexity and scrutiny led them to seek a partner to outsource to. It became clear that their audit and accounts team were wary of discussing R&D with clients and needed our support – upskilling and educating our accountant partners is a big part of what we do. We held a CPD session for them, focusing on compliance and the latest changes to the R&D tax relief schemes, as well as how HMRC is policing claims. The team boosted their expertise, enabling them to identify R&D opportunities.

Understanding your clients

The more we know about your clients, the more impact we can have. By understanding the profiles of your clients, we can offer detailed analysis and valuable insights.

We can break down the sector makeup of your portfolio and highlight key client groups involved in R&D-intensive industries and their likely qualifying expenditure. This can help us provide the targeted support to you and your client.

One practice I spoke to recently, a small firm focusing on startups and tech companies, needed in-depth, sector-specific insights to help their clients maximise R&D tax relief claims.

On the other hand, I met with a larger, more traditional practice with a diverse client base ranging from manufacturing to retail. They needed a more generalised overview that could be applied across various industries, as well as tools to assist staff identify which clients could benefit from an R&D tax relief claim.

Crucially, our analysis also helped us uncover new opportunities for R&D claims for both practices

Helping you to inform your client base

We recognise the vital role accountants play in educating clients on their business. We aim to boost your capability to do this when it comes to R&D and Intellectual Property. We regularly provide content for our partners’ newsletters and have even co-hosted client webinars to ensure clients are informed about what they need to know. This has become especially important as the R&D schemes and the way they’re policed have changed significantly.

A partnership that works for you

Our goal is to build partnerships that are dynamic and responsive to changing needs, driving continuous improvement and long-term success. We hold ourselves accountable and regularly review our performance to make sure we’re meeting your objectives. Regular service reviews with our accountant partners help us refine our approach and ensure we’re providing the best support possible.

We understand how important it is to manage your client relationships carefully, especially when involving third parties. We work seamlessly with you to provide outstanding service to your clients and meet the broader needs of your business.

Together, we can achieve great things and make a big impact on the businesses we serve.

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