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Source Advisors support recent CIPA patent event

Last week CIPA held an event in London, bringing together an expert panel of Judges, to share their insight into patent litigation. Source Advisors was pleased to support this event and join in the discussion with patent attorneys and other IP professionals and experts.

UK patent drafting and litigation – myth, legend and reality

The event considered if there a disconnect between drafting a patent for grant and litigating a patent. The expert panel included The Hon. Mr Justice Mellor, His Honour Judge Hacon, The Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Arnold, The Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Birss and Daniel Alexander KC.

The discussion raised important questions such as:

  • Should patent attorneys think more about potential future litigation when drafting patents?
  • Should litigators know more about the patent drafting process?
  • What makes a patent easy to defend or easy to attack?

Source Advisors bringing a commercial perspective

This subject is important to us as we work with Patent Attorneys to help draft patents for clients. We often act as the translator between the commercial merits of a patent and the legal requirements.

At Source Advisors, we bring a commercial lens to this process and our job is to keep commercial outcomes in mind. From our knowledge of business, the R&D, the invention, the patent landscape we help clients craft patents that we believe will have a greater focus and prospect of success. By following our approach, time and money is saved and the right experts focus on collaborating to bring most value, be that technical or legal.

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Photographer: Dora Mate

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